Region, Nature, Quality
Family Tradition for Over 100 Years

Our Winery

We work literally down-to-earth, in careful harmony with nature, to create wines that allow you to taste the regional typicity, the climate, the location, and the care we put into our vineyards and the wines we make.


Tradition for Over 100 Years

The history of our winery begins in 1910 with the return of Albert Pöckl from his 10-year stay in Minnesota, USA. He laid the foundation for our farm, which at the time consisted of farming, livestock and winemaking. Together with his wife Katharina, he also ran the village tavern.

In 1945, Albert’s son Theodor Pöckl took over the business and began focusing more and more on winemaking. Theodor and his wife Magdalena expanded the business to 10 hectares, providing a good basis for the further development of our winery, which their son Josef enthusiastically drove forward.

Josef & Theresa

René & Eva

We already started using barrique barrels in 1989, and since 1990, we have also been producing red wine cuvées. In January 2021, René took over the helm completely and has been running the winery since then. Our winery has now grown to a size of 40 hectares and our vinyards span across numerous top locations. Many national and international successes confirm the excellent quality of our wines, which are characterized by intense fruit, elegance, and pronounced tannins, guaranteeing long-lasting enjoyment for many years. This characteristic is René Pöckl’s fingerprint. He has been the cellar master since 2002, and together with his wife Eva they are now the fourth generation to run the winery.

In addition to sales, René’s wife Eva Pöckl takes care of the administrative side of things. On top of all that, she also keeps a watchful eye over the youngest members of the family, Jan and Marie.